We have some exciting times ahead with some important news on projects new and old. Please take some time to look around our site.

The abject poverty which a number of the families we help live in is very evident, we have visited a number of homes where the household were living below any kind of acceptable standard. This is particularly distressing when the household is trying to care for a young person with additional needs. It is hard to understand how this can still be the reality of everyday life in a country which is in Europe, but, with Gods help and guidance we can make a difference here.

We have been approached by the Red Cross in Slatina to partner with them in an exciting new project to enable families with a child with additional needs to access support and resources to help them progress.

We are setting up a specialised facility to bring parents and carers together with local workers to enable them to access the support available. In this building we are also looking to set up a sensory room. This will benefit a large number of families and children and provide us with a base from which to reach out and share our training programmes. We believe that this will be the first facility of its kind in this region.

Our training will include sessions on sensory play, building higher expectations for young people with additional needs, makaton sign, pecs, the use of everyday objects to stimulate and educate, promoting better relationships between everyone involved in the children's care to achieve better outcomes and bespoke programmes for individual young people.

We will be taking a team of experienced child care workers and will partner with a team in Slatina to ensure the work continues long after we have left. This is obviously quite a costly undertaking. Beyond the teams time and expertise which is freely given, we need to gain sponsorship for minimal costs, equipment for the sensory room and for the home packs and resources we will leave behind.

We have a number of fundraising ideas, but if you have any please do contact us, we would love to hear from you.

You may also be able to help us with the donation of items for the sensory room and family packs.

We need:- fibre optic lighting. bubble machines, a projector, soft play equipment, indoor and outdoor play equipment etc etc.

Our first fundraising opportunity for this project is a bit different! Two of us trustees have pledged to have our heads shaved!! Marjorie Loftus and Lyn Trott will undergo this image changing transformation as soon as the sum of £1000 has been raised. We will post photos and the progress made on our Facebook page as well as here on our website, so look out for us!!

Living Life Eastbourne was set up in 2006 with the express purpose of supporting those who are disadvantaged by circumstance or disability, their families or the wider community. Our mandate enables us to reach out to anyone in any area of the world with humanitarian aid, gifts and training.

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